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The Alfred to your Homeschooled Batman

Homeschooling is not an alternative many would consider seriously when wondering where to go next with their education. Despite many myths and misgivings, homeschooling can be a great way to curate an education you would want to pursue, and an opportunity to develop and grow in directions the massively used education system might not be able to provide.

Homeschooling can be freeing, exciting and innovative.


However, it has downsides and trade-offs as well, from isolation to possibly stunted social development. You need to be careful about your approach to homeschooling and what you do to keep learning. 


This website is here to help you along that journey- from finding various outlets and aids for your knowledge-seeking to making you aware of things everyone should know about to help you make an informed decision on which board of education to study from and whether homeschooling is right for your or not. 

We're going to do everything we can to help you.

Safe Travels.


Your adventure begins